Superior quality handcrafted leather floggers

Superior quality handcrafted leather floggers

Superior quality handcrafted leather floggersSuperior quality handcrafted leather floggers

About Us

Handcrafted Designs

Leathercrafting since 1999.   If there's a particular flogger you want made  in your favorite colors,  leather or design, we're happy to work with you in figuring out all the details. 

Committed to Quality

None of what you see is made quickly.   All the larger pieces are counterweighted and balanced just behind the lower pineapple knot.  What this means is that they will not pull unnecessarily on your shoulder when held properly...which in turn will give you the ability to use them longer without tiring out..  If you are a person who prefers to throw your flogger by grasping the pineapple knot, we have the "Airin-style" flogger which is built on a flexible handle.  

The falls of the flogger are cut one by one, applied one by one giving them even more balance and strength.  Each tip is finished off with anything but a square cut (round, slanted, pointed, etc)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every flogger and piece you see here is 100% guaranteed.  The construction is solid and the leather is cut from beautiful, high-quality leather hides.

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We love our customers! Do you have a question? Are you looking for a flogger or piece that isn't in our store?

Drop us a line anytime, and we will get back to you with  answers!